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Rural Butcher Supplies Gift Card

Rural Butcher Supplies Gift Card

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Are ya sick of giving gifts that are as boring as watching a wallaby's tail swish back and forth? Well, it's time to give them a gift that's more Aussie than a kangaroo in a swag!

Rural Butcher Supplies' virtual gift cards include all the gear you need to be a fair dinkum butcher, from bandsaws to vac sealers to mincers to knives, we've got it all.

With a range of options available, you can choose the perfect amount to suit your budget, whether you wanna splash out like a millionaire or save your cash like a true-blue battler.

Our virtual gift cards are delivered straight to your inbox, so you don't need to worry about postage or waiting for snail mail to arrive. And with no used by date, your loved one will have plenty of time to perfect to pick their ideal machine.

Give the gift of Rural Butcher Supplies and watch your mates turn into bonzer butchers (or at least have a ripper time giving it a go).

Terms and conditions:

  • Rural Butcher Supplies' virtual gift cards can only be used on the Rural Butcher Supplies website.
  • Gift cards have no expiry date.
  • Gift cards can't be exchanged for cash or a slab of tinnies (unless required by law).
  • Rural Butcher Supplies aren't responsible for lost or stolen gift cards, so keep them safe like you would a baby roo.
  • Gift cards can be used to buy any products available on the Rural Butcher Supplies website.
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