Welcome to Rural Butcher Supplies

G'day, mates! Welcome to Rural Butcher Supplies, where we've got all your meaty needs covered with a splash of Aussie flair and a whole lotta fun.

When it comes to equipping your small goods biz or your home kitchen, we've got the slickest, most reliable, and ripper-value butcher gear you can shake a snag at. And guess what? We're best mates with ButcherBuddy, the legends behind all these top-notch tools. They've given us the nod to be their go-to local legends in Mt Isa and North Queensland, and we're flat out shipping their ripper gear all over this big, beautiful country. We even ship out to our neighbours in NZ and across the country side to USA.

Now, here's the real beaut part – we're 100% fair dinkum online, which means you're scoring some serious savings straight in your pocket. We reckon that's a win worth chucking a few shrimps on the barbie for! Plus, we're as Aussie as a kangaroo in a cork hat, mate. Owned and run right here on our home soil, you can bet your last Tim Tam that we're all about dishing up the best service and products, true blue, through and through. Cheers to that, cobbers! 🇦🇺🍻

Water-Powered Sausage Fillers


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