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Avanti Mag-Force Powerful Magnetic Rack 45CM

Avanti Mag-Force Powerful Magnetic Rack 45CM

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If you're keen on popping your butchers knives somewhere handy, look no further than Avanti® Mag-Force Racks. These beauties come with a ripper magnet that'll lock in any  knife, gadget or tool. Slap one of these racks on the wall near your workspace, and your top-notch utensils will be right there when you need 'em.

Perfect for the kitchen, garage, or workshop, these Avanti® Mag-Force Racks are as easy as pie to stick up, and they're as low-maintenance as a kangaroo sunbathing. The magnetic grip is fair dinkum strong, giving you a solid hold, but it's still a breeze to whip things off and chuck 'em back on. And that grip? It's there for the long haul, mate, even after your current utensil collection has copped a bit of a flogging.

- Safe as houses storage
- Easy as pie to grab what you need
- Compact as a pocket design

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