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No 10 Water-Powered Sausage Filler

No 10 Water-Powered Sausage Filler

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Made completely of food grade stainless steel

Diameter of barrel: 15.24cm (6 inches)

Length of barrel: 75cm

Gross weight: 20kg

2 x nozzles, 1/2" and 3/4"

Butterfly Valve operated

Water powered (requires as little as 25 psi to a maximum of 75 psi)

Approx 10L liquid or approx 10kg meat mix

1 year warranty

Price inclusive of GST 

Shipping/Handling time 2 business days

Consider the following before choosing the size machine
All Kilogram capacities are approximate for a few reasons:-

a. How fine or coarse the meat is minced
b. How tightly packed the barrel is packed
c. The plunger hasn’t been pushed to the bottom of the filler

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